Traffic information

This season may be worrying because of weather and traffic conditions; however the National Highway Office has placed many monitoring live cameras near the prefectural borders.

The nearest monitoring camera is placed 100 m high from the ground level of the Fuji Kachoen Garden Park which enables checking the road conditions to our park, such as icy surface or snow cover.

Check at: “Shizuoka National Highway Office” website live camera

(the images of camera No.5 at the Road 139 are the nearest ones)


If you are coming from Kawaguchiko IC of the Chuo Expressway, check at the monitoring camera below.


“”(Mount Fuji Web Cam Japan) website.

Search the images of国道139昭和大入口交通 (Showa Oiriguchi intersection at Road 139)


If coming to our park by car, be thoroughly prepared for winter driving and drive safe.



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