Holding owls (Putting an owl on the arm) experience

At Fuji Kachoen Garden Park, you have 3 opportunities a day to have an owl landing on your arm.



* The owls that can be hold are always changed due to their health conditions. The owl of the picture is not always the same one posing for the photographs.



This event is held at the Indoor show arena after the Birds Show.

Time schedule


10:50 – Indoor Show Arena

14:00 – Indoor Show Arena

15:20 – Indoor Show Arena

* Starting time can be changed anytime due to the content of the Birds show.


コピー ~ 手のひらサイズのスピックスコノハズク

You can touch the smooth plumage of the owls, put on your arm and take pictures! How about a souvenir picture with the owls?

* This holding owls event is charged, and service fees vary according to the owl specimen.

* Refrain from using flashes while taking pictures, because the owls (and other animals of the park) get frightened.

* Please use your own camera to take the pictures.


Sorry,Japanese language only