he Mount Fuji in winter season

The clear winter skies enable viewing the Mount Fuji in its perfection from the Asagiri Kogen Plateau.

(The Fuji Kachoen Garden Park is located at the famous Asagiri Plateau where the best views of the Mount Fuji can be taken)


In front of the call duck’s lake at Fuji Kachoen Garden Park (Oct 23,2017)

When you think of the Mount Fuji, what images come to your mind?

Many people visualize a vivid Mount Fuji covered in snow.


Like this!



We definitely recommend spotting the Mount Fuji in winter season.

Clear weather rate in winter is higher than the other seasons, and the Mount Fuji starts being covered by snow in December.

The clear winter skiers allow a wide and clear view of its magnificence.


How about taking the best picture of the Mount Fuji this winter?


How about having a casual time at the Fuji Kachoen Garden Park too?

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