“Halloween event at Fuji Kachoen Garden Park”

“Halloween event at Fuji Kachoen Garden Park”



From October 1 (Mon) to 31 (Wed)

The last Halloween event held was very popular.So, we will do it again !!

The entire park will be on the mood for Halloween during this period.
Costumes can be rent for free.
* Be minded of the following:

Some costumes may frighten the birds and animals of the park.

Please refrain from bringing the following costumes / accessories:

Long canes, crutches (short canes can be brought in if those will not be used to poke, instigate or any actions that might scare or agitate the birds and animals)
Large witch hat
If the animals start to be disturbed like trembling hard or jumping, please avoid approaching, keep a distance from them or take off what is displeasing or agitating the animals.



We hope you have such a pleasant time, taking pictures and having a lot of fun with the owls during the Halloween event

(August 27, 2019)

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