Meals / Shopping

After playing a lot, be delighted with regional gourmet

How about feeding your belly under full blowing flowers?
You can delight yourself with the Fujinomiya Yakisoba (special yakisoba noodles) that won twice the B-1 Grand Prix Festival for regional food. Also other delicacies like udon (noodles), soba are available at our restaurant.
Don’t miss the seasonal tastes at the Fuji Kachoen Garden Park.

Teishoku (combo set) temporarily out of service.

Kama age shirasu don (Steamed whitebait bowl)
Teishoku (combo set) are special menu limited to group visitors.
Prior reservation required.
Teishoku (combo set) temporarily out of service.

Kachoen Teishoku (set meal) (weekdays only)
Teishoku (combo set) are special menu limited to group visitors.
Prior reservation required.

Fujinomiya Yakisoba (especial yakisoba noodles)

(all tax included)

Lunch boxes catering (only for groups visits)

Required prior reservation. From groups of 10, at least one week prior.

  • Content of the menu may vary during the seasons.
  • Ask for special meals like rice gruel, etc.
  • Changes on the number of lunch boxes are required until mid-day of the day before.
  • Cancellation charges
    • The appointed day … 100% charge
    • Day before …50% charge
    • 2 days before … 30% charge
  • Cancellation of more than 10 lunch boxes will also be charged
  • In cases of prior reservations, we have a special surprise for the person whose birthday is on the day of their visit. Please check in advance.

Jubako lunch set (two-tiered food box)

Chirashi gozen lunch set (sushi rice with a variety of ingredients sprinkled on top)
Temporarily out of service

Asagiri lunch set

(all tax included)

Our gift shop. Exciting for shopping even for seeing. Original souvenirs available. For that special person or yourself.

At the gift shop you will find some exclusive goods from the Fuji Kachoen Garden Park.
Owl goods that bring you happiness, one-of-a-kind items from ceramic artists, unique feather costume jewellery, phone accessories, all those are waiting for you.
Young plants for your garden can also be purchased. Domestic shipping services available. (Not all the season round. Ask for details.)

Stuffed toys

Sweets produced by the staff

Handmade feather products crafted by the staff

Original T-shirts

Tuberous begonias, fuchsias, streptocarpus; the representative flowers of Fuji Kachoen Garden Park

Some items are not handled depending on the season.

Sorry,Japanese language only