Enjoy the flowers

A breathtaking variety of graceful flowers that will make you sigh

An extensive selection of begonias, fuchsias and original hydrangeas which are cultivated at the sister garden park, the famous Kachoen Garden are exhibited here at Fuji Kachoen Garden Park.
You will be overwhelmed by the gorgeous aerial garden, with hanging flower baskets everywhere.
Enjoy those full-bloom flowers all the year round. At the Fuji Kachoen Garden Park you will never miss the flowers blooming in all their glory.

The Begonia Mountain, a masterpiece

As you enter the main gate , you will come across a steep Begonia Mount Fuji rising into the sky.
Special tuberous begonias where lined up to the shape of the Mount Fuiji making it as stunning as the real Mount Fuji.

Do not miss a photo shot in front of the Begonia Mount Fuji. It will be for sure, a memorable shot in your life.

Proud to show the big-bloomed eightfold flower resulted from more than 20 years of cultivation and nurture.

The Fuji Kachoen Garden Park has developed original variants of begonias since the 90`s, bred from English and American latest developed begonias. The tuberous begonias petals can grow up to 30 cm diameter. Gorgeous, but on the other hand, the flower head used to incline due to its weight.
Nowadays, as a result of intense groundwork, the stems can stand on their own feet and we can contemplate the flowers in their full glory.

More than 300 variants of fuchsias. Only at the Fuji Kachoen Garden Park

Native to Central and South America, words had it called as ” The queen’s earrings” by the Incas.
Fuji Kachoen Garden Park has collected more than 300 variants of fuchsias from the US, England, Germany, Holland and 200 of them are being exhibited.
Each variety has distinctive features. Which fuchsia will you like most?

annie earle


berba’s ingrid

ca arcona

delta’s night


F.encliandra ssp encliandra




igloo maid

nice’n easy

pink ballet girl

pink most

preston guild

stadt hanoover

strawberry delight

string of pearls



walz hoorn

wilma versloot

Original hydrangeas, “the Kamo selection” debuting

The sister garden, Kamosou-Kachoen located in Kakegawa city Shizuoka Prefecture, has been developing and creating original species of hydrangeas, and this has been bringing attention from many places.
We call them the “Kamo Selection”. At Fuji Kachoen Garden Park you will see these lovely and original hydrangeas from Kamosou-Kachoen.
On sale at our stores. (Not all the year round. Please check in advance.)

Dance Party


Peter Pan


Temari temari


Singing in the rain


Mona Lisa
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