Interact with the birds

Irresistible to bird lovers!

The Fuji Kachoen Garden Park welcomes you with 30 species of owls, penguins, emus, lorikeets, and a variety of other feathered residents. You will be able not only watch them, but you will be able to go inside the cages and feel their world by your own. And at the Bird Show, the owls will fly just over your head and even hear the sound of their flapping wings.
If you would like to play with the birds, take pictures of them, or buy bird related souvenirs, you cannot miss visiting the park.

30 species, total of 70 owls from all over the world! In Japan, some owls that can only be seen here.

When you walk in to the ticket counter to buy your admission, you will come across an owl. At Fuji Kachoen Garden Park, owls will be welcoming you from everywhere. However, they can be tricky as an ornament. Do not let them cheat you!
Fuji Kachoen Garden Park has its own breeding center where owls were bred and raised. That’s why some of the owls are used to people, do not live in cages and fly in all their freedom and liberty at the greenhouse.
It will be fun to look for your favorite owl. You will fall for them.

Barn owl

Burrowing Owl

Spotted Eagle Owl

Spectacled Owl



A must-see for the young and the elder! Everybody loves the Birds Show!

The main attraction of the Fuji Kachoen Garden Park.
Do you think that owls just stay put at their trees without doing anything?
Yes, owls usually move themselves like 5% of their day. Just to eat. Though, here at the Fuji Kachoen Garden Park’s Birds Show you will be overthrown by their performances just ahead of you.
Owls are essentially from the wild nature and not used to people, but here at Fuji Kachoen Garden Park, they were bred and nurtured since young birds, and turned to be versatile entertainers.

From a palm-size owl to…

Blowing size owls

Photo sessions available too

You cannot miss the open air Birds Show.

The Mount Fuji on the backdrop itself provides an outstanding event.
The sight of falcons and hawks crossing the skies is breathtaking for all ages. See them fly towards the trainer by the sign of the whistle.

Fall in love with their imperious fly

Fantastic location for photos

Spectacular low flying

Feeding time is so exciting! Eat-lovers penguins

At the Park you can watch some cute flightless birds like the black-footed penguins from African waters.
They usually spent their time swimming or wiling away, but when it comes to feeding time…. They get excited at their MAX. They go crazy grasping for their fish, which is so exciting to see! You can help us feed them too.

Emus are nice and friendly despite their appearance

The emu is the second largest living bird in the world, endemic to Australia.
Like the ostriches, they are flightless but can sprint at 40km/h.
If you meet the emus, try to feed them. You will for sure be healed if you see how nice they are when taking the food from your hand.

The Lorikeet Landing: encountering the world of birds

The Lorikeet Landing is where you will experience the lorikeets and other varieties flying around and laying on your head, arms and shoulders. You will be enchanted not only by seeing them, but also start a friendship by flirting with them with some bird treats.

Spoiled flamingos at the pool might approach you with curiosity

Bred-in-house, they are asking for attention and affection.
You will captivated by the awkward way they eat the treats from your hand.

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