Japanese Iris and Hydrangeas Paradise

Birds of prey (raptors)

Birds of prey (raptors)Birds of prey (raptors)

Big raptors like the Eurasian eagle-owl can be seen besides the well-known Harris’s hawk and the tawny owl.

Rufous-legged owl
Strix rufipes

Spotted Eagle Owl
Bubo africanus

Tawny owl
Strix aluco

Eurasian eagle-owl
Bubo bubo bubo

Ural owl
Strix uralensis

Barn owl
Tyto alba

Verreaux’s eagle-owl
Bubo lacteus

Harris’s hawk
Parabuteo unicinctus

Eurasian eagle-owl X Steppe Eurasian eagle-owl
Bubo bubo×Bubo bubo turcomanus

Indian eagle-owl
Bubo bengalensis

Brown wood owl
Strix leptogrammica

Red-tailed hawk
Buteo jamaicensis

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